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Making the Complicated Simple.

The location, the style, the feeling you get when you walk through the door – every aspect of your home should be a reflection of who you are, where you’ve been, and the life you aspire to live.

Getting to that point is an adventure all on its own; a nightmare process or a dream come true depending on the guide that takes you there. It’s also complicated, with many moving parts that include contractual timelines that can have severe implications if not managed to perfection. Fortunately, we are experts at making the complicated simple.

When you engage Kathryn Harbour Real Estate, you will immediately be connected to a top team that is recognized in the industry for having integrity and providing an exceptional level of service.

Our in-house expertise is driven by a team of expert negotiators that include a licensed contractor, seasoned investors and a licensed appraiser, ensuring you have the winning team on your side.

“Hassle Free!”

Our experience dealing with Kathryn was more than we ever expected. She made the whole process as hassle free as possible. She provided us with all the insight and knowledge we needed to make the biggest decision of our lives to date…

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“Services far beyond expectation!”

We received those sweet reminders ahead of time to make sure everything went smoothly and on schedule. Every issue was simply a new opportunity for the Kathryn Harbour team to shine. The entire team has a “get it done with excellence” attitude.

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Searching for Your Dream Home?

It’s not easy finding ‘THE’ home. Let us help. We make it a point to know every property available in the area, whether it has made its way to the public market or not. Let’s connect and help you get your search started, or put an end to your year long search. Simply tell us a bit about what you are looking for below…