Marietta Farmers’ Markets

By Harbour Team July 1, 2019

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Tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, peas…we’re not recommending you indulge in a steaming bowl of Campbell’s soup on a hot summer’s day – we’re recommending you visit a local farmer’s market to scoop up the freshest summer produce. Now’s the time to get creative with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and lettuces. Why not try out foods you usually pass by or fold them in with your long-time favorites?


We’ve got a few suggestions:


Classic Georgia Peaches


From Maine to Florida, Americans look forward to Georgia peaches in the summertime. And right now the Georgia farmers’ markets are brimming with them. So why not bake a peach pie or cobbler for your family or friends? A fun garnish to pair with peaches is cashew cream or coconut cream. Whip some up and dollop it right on top. If you’ve never made cashew cream, it’s the simplest recipe. Check around online for a sweet version to go with pie or cobbler.  The more savory style is perfect with crudité.


Another tip for your peach pie – rather than the traditional lattice top crust, roll it out and cut out cookie cutter shapes, then casually layer the shapes over one another, leaving gaps in between. It doesn’t have to look tidy, and it’s an unexpected approach to a classic summer dessert.




It’s rare to find a tomato pie* on the table, and it’s a taste you’ll never forget. Whether you roll out the dough yourself or buy a pre-made crust, you’ll make a savory pie that everyone will enjoy. Spread the crust you’ve just pre-baked with mashed garlic and olive oil, then load up with layers of sliced tomato rounds (2-3 large ones should do) and freshly grated cheese (fontina works well) laid out pinwheel style. Drizzle with salt, pepper and olive oil, then bake for 30 minutes at 350. Remove and sprinkle with more cheese, reduce the oven to 325, and bake until the crust turns golden and tomatoes are soft and juicy – about 20-30 minutes. Cool another 20, garnish with fresh farmers’ market basil (or something from your home garden!) and you’ll have a dish to wow your dinner guests or family!




Hot or chill – peppers are a pleaser. And this is the time to pick some up. Try them sliced in 3-bean salad, bundled into cheese sandwiches, stuffed and baked with Carolina Gold rice, or sprinkled throughout a salad. The peppers are definitely here and ready to step into many recipes. Get ‘em while they’re hot!


Fresh Mint


This member of the herb family grows like crazy in the summer months. And there are so many ways to use it.

  • Perk up a smoothie with a few leaves dropped in. 
  • Toss with watermelon, then sprinkle with feta cheese, and there’s a cooling salad or snack.
  • Top off batches of sun tea with fresh mint sprigs.
  • Ever made switchel? It’s the perfect tangy drink on a hot afternoon – and great for your gut too! To bump it up a notch, add some mint leaves to mellow out the ginger and vinegar kick. 

There are so many great meals to be made with fresh farmers’ market produce. We hope we’ve inspired you to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy how healthy you’ll feel, too! Here’s our guide for the Farmers’ Markets in the area. They’re one of the best parts of summer!


Downtown Kennesaw – Depot Park

Mondays 3:30-7:30  May – August



Marietta Square – Church Street Market

Saturdays 9am-12pm Year Round 

Sundays 12pm-3pm May – October



Downtown Cartersville – Founder’s Oak

Sat 7am – 12pm June – September



Smyrna Market Village – Smyrna First Baptist Church

Saturdays 8am – 12pm May – September



Downtown Dallas – Old Dallas Courthouse

Saturdays, 8am – 12 pm, April – September



Lost Mountain Park – Cobb County Farm Bureau

Tuesdays 3pm – 7pm April – September



Downtown Acworth – Logan Farm Park

Fridays 8am-12pm April – October


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* Tomato Pie recipe originally from Martha Stewart