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By Harbour Team September 16, 2021

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You’ve determined the perfect price for your home and are ready to put it on the market. Now you can sit back and let the offers roll in. Well…can you? Yes, you can – if you’ve prepared a sound marketing strategy with your Realtor.

Just like determining the ideal price BEFORE planting the “For Sale” sign in the yard, it’s essential to have a plan for getting the word out that a terrific home is now up for sale. How else will prospective buyers become aware that your “For Sale” sign is there?

Realtors are excellent resources for strategic selling. They can help your home have a market “buzz” the very day it comes to market! After all, selling homes is a large part of our business – of all sizes, styles, and prices. Ask your Realtor about success stories they’re proud of, and you’ll quickly understand why marketing strategies work. And even if you’re set on selling your property yourself, you’ll need to market it in the right way to get the types of offers you’re expecting.

None of this is difficult, as long as you take the right approach. This blog post lays out what you need to do to encourage buyers to close the computer window and walk through your door!

A Good First Impression

Of course, you know that first impressions matter when meeting people, but did you know that it works the same way for your home? Even now when seemingly everything is selling quickly? Yes. Especially now when the supply is low, a properly marketed home can benefit the sellers with  careful planning.

When people see your home for the first time – even if it’s only in a photo on a website, they’ll start to develop an image of it. You want that image to give the best possible idea of what your home can be for them. Could it be their dream home? If you have nice photographs that show off your home’s assets, it very well may be. These are our suggestions for great, professional photos:

    • Hire a professional photographer. This means a professional photographer who takes pictures of real estate properties. There are so many photographers available these days. Each brings their area of expertise, and the skill set connected to that area. Please don’t confuse an excellent portrait photographer, wedding photographer or animal photographer with the type of photographer who is adept at shooting home interiors and landscaping/yards. Lighting for a living room is not the same as lighting for a senior portrait, and this will show in the outcome.

You may also wonder how you will find a pro photographer to shoot your home. First: ask your Realtor if they have anyone to recommend. At Kathryn Harbour Real Estate, we use only photography professionals whom we trust to do a great job and it’s included in our service to our clients. If your Realtor doesn’t have a recommendation for you, try asking anyone you know who has recently put a home on the market. If these resources come up short, you can also do an online search for real estate photographers in your area.

We are 100% confident that these photographs will be worth the investment. They’re the secret to turning online traffic into real-life traffic. And it takes real-life traffic to sell a home.

    • Prepare your home for the photographer’s arrival.
      • Start by completing any fix-up projects, such as painting walls and replacing anything broken, including damaged baseboards or cracked windows.
      • Then give your home a good, thorough cleaning so that it looks fresh and sparkly when the photographer’s lights brighten it up.
      • The next part is where a professional stager might come in handy. A stager is a person who arrives to shape your home into an inviting, neutral space that potential buyers will feel comfortable in, as well as be able to imagine themselves living in. Stagers are terrific to bring in when preparing for an Open House, but they’re highly useful for assisting with the photo prep too. Think of it this way: these photos are the gateway to a buyer’s interest in your home. You want that gateway to be attractive and welcoming. When the items in your home tell the story of you, the buyer won’t be able to see the property as the future story of them. A stager provides the visual neutrality your home’s photo session needs.
      • If you opt not to hire a stager for the photo session, or your Realtor does not provide one to you, take cues from homes featured in interior decorating and lifestyle magazines. You’ll see clean surfaces, tidy rooms, and little touches, such as flowers in vases. Be vigilant in your attempt to imitate the homes you see featured on these pages.
Whether you do this yourself or hire a professional stager, you want your home to be camera ready. We gladly provide complimentary staging for our clients.

Quick Tips for Private Showings

We realize that you may have already listed your home with photos taken on a smartphone. There are still things you can do to market your home in the very best light. If you’re having an Open House or private showing, plan.

    • Think just as you would have for a professional photo session: get your place ready!! We always tell our clients to go by the “3 Ds”, which you can learn more about in our Pre-Sale Prep video. In short, they’re: “De-Clutter”, “Deep Clean” and “De-Personalize”.
    • Turn on all of your home’s lamps – both floor and table lamps, and ceiling, too, if it is a room’s key light.
    • Put animals in their crates, or take them out of the home with you when you leave during the showing.
    • This is an easy one to overlook, but it’s important: close the lids on the commodes throughout your home and wipe down the edges and basins of your sinks.
    • And don’t forget the outside! Rake the leaves, sweep the driveway, pick up toys, equipment, or whatever is left on your lawn. 

Watch our Marketing Magic video, the fourth in our Sellers’ Video Series, to get an overview of the aspects of preparing your home for the market. 

Selling a home is a complex process that sometimes is overwhelming, though it doesn’t have to be. When you approach it step by step, it becomes simple. We believe that Realtors should guide their clients through the home selling or buying journey, and we’re here to help you. 

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