Britt Harbour Photo

A true business visionary, Britt Harbour has spent twenty years dedicated to business start-ups and operations.

As a real estate investor, as well as a licensed contractor and Realtor, Britt is knowledgeable in every aspect of property development, sales, and purchase. His strategic approach to real estate investment is an asset to every home purchase and every client who sees the bigger picture for their property.

Through collaborative relationships, Britt has initiated and completed short-, medium- and long-term residential real estate investments, including development, fix and flip, and buy and hold. Britt’s ability to see opportunities everywhere, coupled with his win/win philosophy and can-do attitude have earned him the moniker of business “guru.”

In his free time, he loves exploring the back roads on his motorcycle. A Georgia native, Britt was born and raised in Cobb County.  If you are curious about Cobb County and the Atlanta area, you can bring your questions to Britt.





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